Better Health Starts In The Brain

Neurofeedback May Be The Answer To Better Health!

Your Brain Is Like A Symphony: It Needs To Be In Tune To Function Properly.

Your brain is a complex organ with hundreds of actions taking place every minute. Much like a symphony, when all musicians are in sync the sound is harmonious. But if one musician is out of tune, the overall sound is affected. Brainwaves operate in much the same way, working together to keep your mind and body in sync and running smoothly. But if any of your brainwaves are off, it can impact your entire system negatively.

We all have 4 primary brainwaves that control our brains. Delta waves regulate sleep. Beta waves affect our critical thinking skills. Alpha waves control our subconscious and Theta waves guise our emotions. However, when these brainwaves start to run too fast or slow it can affect our ability to function normally. Without help, symptoms like anxiety, depression, stress, ADHD and sleep problems can start to appear.

Neurofeedback Can Help Tune The Brain Safely.

We specialize in brain focused wellness using modern technology to map the brain and accurately identify problem areas. We combine brain training programs like neurofeedback with nutrition and other modalities to correct brainwaves and heal the whole body. When the brain works, the body responds!

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Conditions Clinically Responsive To Neurofeedback:

ADHD, Autism & Learning Issues
Anxiety, Depression & PTSD
Concussion & Brain Injuries
Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
Chronic Pain & Fatigue
Memory Loss & Dementia
Stroke & Seizures
Fibromyalgia & More!
What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback session with glasses

Neurofeedback May Eliminate Or Reduce Neurological Conditions Just By Watching A Movie Or Listening To Music

That may sound too good to be true, But this amazing technology works by re-aligning brainwaves while you are engaged in a movie or music. Decades of research have shown that properly aligned brainwaves can positively affect the way our body functions.

Neurofeedback is yielding positive results for many people with debilitating neurological conditions. People of all ages can see dramatic improvement in conditions like ADHD, depression, anxiety, brain injury, sleep disorders, PTSD, Addiction and more.

Decades of Research
Neurofeedback has over 50 years of positive case studies and scientific publications and is currently used by thousands of licensed health professionals around the world. It could be the most important new tool for mental and neurological health available today.

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Why I offer Neurofeedback

“Many patients come to me after seeing their primary care physician, who only offered drugs for their symptoms. But drugs do not work very well on neurological problems. I know all too well that the root cause often lies in the brain.”

“These people have tried many other methods and are fed up. I know how effective this system can be, so I feel confident offering this service. Once I show a patient their brain map and they can visually see just what is wrong, they become very excited about the possibilities for permanent relief.”

What is brain mapping?

How We Determine Your Condition

The first step in the neurofeedback process is a QEEG brain map, which allows us to non-invasively image the brain in real time. The brain map is an important tool we use to evaluate your brainwaves and identify opportunities to improve communication between various regions of the brain.

The brain map is able to capture a window of brain activity, analyze the data and create a visual representation for each lobe of the brain and each specific brainwave (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta).

A Customized Report Of Findings

Our detailed brain map report identifies unhealthy brainwave patterns and connectivity issues in an easy to read format. It also shows the training protocols needed to improve or eliminate your symptoms using neurofeedback.

Common Questions

Video Testimonials

We have many patient success stories to share with you. Neurofeedback has had a positive impact on so many people, who now have a drug free and non-invasive alternative for treatment of common ailments. Click the button below for these success stories, told from the people who changed their lives with neurofeedback.

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For nearly 20 years Dr. David Marquis has assisted thousands of patients find solutions to acute and chronic conditions without the use or with minimal of drugs or surgery. Through a metabolic and neurological approach to his patient’s health conditions, not only can the causes be determined, but the patient can learn how to manage their own health and often without medication.

Neurofeedback In The News

Research Articles

Neurofeedback has been around since the 1960’s, when it was first tested on cats. There is a significant amount of research available showing the positive effects of neurofeedback on various neurological conditions. To view this research, please click the button below.

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